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What customers are saying about Diana . . .

Diana Templeton is a unique and dedicated artist, with an eye for detail.  Her preferred medium is watercolour, always imbued with deep hues. Diana paints everything from landscapes to flowers, to cityscapes. Her landscapes range from serene waters to forest paths surrounded by trees, to forests, with her brush strokes presenting her tree branches with serendipitous and lovely lines. When painting her latest downtown series, she looked for different perspectives of high rises, with intriguing reflections and, in so doing, has many of us looking at these buildings in a new way -  a new perspective on our downtown. This series is a bold and beautiful one! I appreciate her dedication to her art form and always look forward to seeingher latest work.

Joyce Rubenovitch, Edmonton, AB


Exquisite is the only way to describe Diana’s paintings.  Diana has a gift and she shares it with all of us.  I have two of her paintings and each of them spoke to me.  Her attention to detail is incredible and her sense of composition and color are amazing.   I am told that Watercolor is a very difficult media and Diana makes it look easy. 

Lynn Draper, Edmonton, AB


I have always admired Diana’s focus, tenacity and her love of colour and design.  This is a powerful combination when it comes to the world of art.  She has pursued watercolour with a passion and humility that has opened the doors to discovery, allowing the medium to reveal it’s hidden mysteries and delights.   I can see her disappearing for hours as she is delightfully captured by its spell.  The colour, balance and attention to detail in her work prove this.  Watercolour is a natural fit for her. 

Diana’s love for people compliments her work and it is no surprise to me that she has been embraced by the art world.  All I can say is ‘well done!’  I wonder what she’ll do next?!

Deby Buschgens – Dohar, Qatar 


I really admire and appreciate the two watercolor paintings that I have of Diana’s.  They bring back     such wonderful memories of my time in France.  She has captured the true essence of the unique  French Villages that I loved and remember so well.

Brenda Aiken, Calgary, AB.


"I love the vibrant autumn golds and magentas in Diana’s watercolor  called Harmony. The colors are beautifully complementary to each other creating a vivid yet serene atmosphere that draws you into the mystery of the setting.  The reflections achieve a double image that allow me to escape into the painting for a calming and relaxing influence.  Diana’s ability to recreate this peaceful setting with her artistic ability has created a very special painting that I will enjoy for years to come."

Karen Fawcett, Calgary, AB